Here is a selection of some of my recent music. I have been making music since 1999 and since then I've been studied a wide range of music related topics, such as audio engineering, orchestral music theory and songwriting. I love music education and I have over 10 certificates with more specific music subjects as well. Even though I have over 20 years of experience, I am still looking for more to learn about music.

The links below will direct you to Spotify or Audiojungle, but you can also find most of my music on Youtube, Soundcloud and other popular digital music stores and streaming platforms.

Music Packs

Chiptunes: 8-bit Gamer

Orchestral RPG Themes Open World

Various loops

Free as a Bird

Evil Mysterious Game Loop

Orchestral Themes

Pirate Gold


Everlasting Love

Orchestral Anthems

Our New King

Orchestral /Hybrid Trailers

The End of an Era

Piano Themes


Memories of You

Classical Waltz

Falling in Love

A Beautiful World